BCSD Climate and Culture

Restorative Practices

Committee Members
Samantha Brewer
Courtney Hart
Tracy Kent
Brianna Murray
Charles Paravella
Rachel Teplitsky

2020-2021 Goal: Community Building

Community Resources

Local Community Resources for Families

Area Food Pantry Information 

BES Helping Hands

Rensselaer County COVID Relief 518-410-8292


BCSD’s Spirit Day Albums

BCSD Announces March 2021  Mountaineer Spirit Month
March was a fun community building month! BCSD would like to thank all those who showed their Mountaineer Spirit!  Please see links to the albums of the district-wide themed spirit days below.

BCSD’s Community Building Events & Stories


Dignity for All Students Act (DASA)

DASA Coordinators


Rachel Harrison – School Counselor
Samantha Brewer – Director of Exceptional Education


Ryan Steller – School Counselor
Tracy Kent – Elementary Principal
Samantha Brewer – Director of Exceptional Education



View the PDF of the DASA form.

If you have trouble accessing this document, please contact your DASA coordinator.