BNL Practice Schedule Change 3/22:
There will be NO BNL Modified Boys Baseball Practice TODAY 3/22 or Friday 3/24


BNL Practice Schedule Change 3/20/23:
Due to weather and facility limitations, this week’s 3/20 -3/24 practice schedule has been adjusted.
Modified Girls Softball will practice 3:00-5:00 pm at Berlin Middle High School today.
Tuesday- Thursday Modified Girls Softball will practice at New Lebanon High School 3:15-5:15 pm. 

Berlin Athletes coming from the New Lebanon sites will arrive at Berlin Middle High School at 6:00 pm due to shuttle times. Please have pick-up plans in place for these athletes.
Please find the weekly practice schedule for ALL Spring Sports here
Thank you for your support and understanding,
BNL Athletic Directors
Jason McFall and
Corey Brown


Students who have not been approved through FamilyID, WILL NOT BE ELIGIBLE to start Varsity or JV practice/tryouts next week!  Modified Baseball/Softball/Track & Field start March 21st

The following are the Spring Sports being offered for the 2023 season and coaches:

Varsity Boys Baseball:  (NL) Chris Bonacquisti (NL) Andrew Starks

JV Boys Baseball:  (B) Kris Moseley (B) Matt Turetsky

Modified Boys Baseball:  Mike Hastings 

Varsity Girls Softball:  (B) Paul Slaver (NL) Lauren Giglio

Modified Softball:  (B)Michele Corsey (B) Machaela Jordan 

Varsity Track & Field: (B)  Jen Burhans, (NL) Aaron Kanofsky (NL) Jim Van Ess

Modified Track & Field:  (B) Jason McFall

Transportation Information

  • Shuttle from NL to Berlin @ 2:40PM
  • Shuttle to NL from Berlin @ 3:00 PM
  • NL High School Shuttle to WBH @ 2:45PM – Berlin students will be bussed back to Berlin for pick-up around 6pm

Practice/Game/Athletic Director Information

  • Practices will begin at Berlin 3:00-4:30 PM
  • Practices at New Lebanon 3:15-5:00 PM, WBH 3:30-5:30 PM
  • Game start times are 4:30 PM unless otherwise noted











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  • Practices in New Lebanon:
    • Berlin students will take the NL shuttle bus at 3 pm from BMHS to NL. They will be transported back to BMHS at approximately 5:30pm and will need to be picked up from BMHS.
  • Practices in Berlin:
    • Berlin students will be able to take the 5 pm late bus home if needed. Sign up for the late bus is in the cafeteria during lunch period and BEFORE 2 pm.
    • New Lebanon students will take the NL shuttle bus to and from BMHS.
  • Shuttle from NL:
    • Departs- 2:45  Arrives- 3:00
  • Shuttle from Berlin to NL post practice:
    • Departs- 5:05  Arrives- 5:20
  • Bowling Transportation:
    • There will be transportation to Hoosick Falls BBQ for bowling, but no transportation back to the schools.
    • Students must be picked up at Hoosick Falls BBQ at 4:45pm.





BNL Letters and Announcements


Mr. Jason McFall

Berlin Central School District
Athletic Director and Adaptive Physical Education Teacher

The Berlin Central School District is pleased to welcome Mr. Jason McFall (aka Coach McFall) as the district’s Athletic Director and Adaptive Physical Education teacher.

Coach McFall has been in the education field as a coach and or administrator for 25 years. McFall will be joining the Berlin Administrative Team as the district’s Athletic Director for the BNL Athletics program. He will also be part of the district’s teaching staff: coaching/teaching strength and conditioning to high school Mountaineers, teaching an Adaptive Physical Education class at the elementary level  and working to develop an extracurricular pass/fail intramural program for 6th grade Mountaineers.

Learn more about Coach McFall in his own words here







Berlin/New Lebanon Booster Club

As part of our continued sports mergers the Berlin and New Lebanon Booster Clubs have made the decision to merge into one unit to service all interscholastic athletics.  As part of their efforts to communicate with families they have developed a Facebook page.  The title of the page is Berlin-New Lebanon Athletics Booster Club and the handle is @BerlinNLBoosterClub.  The page contains a wide variety of information and we encourage all parents to check out what’s available.

BNL Booster Club


Wasaren League Information

Wasaren League School Locations

Wasaren League Baseball  & Softball Field Directory

Officials’ Retroactive Payment 

If you are an official seeking retroactive pay, please download the officials’ claim form and submit to Charles Paravella via mail.  Please do NOT e-mail or fax form as we are required to have an original signature.

If you have any questions, please contact the Athletics Department.





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