The Berlin Central School District will be transitioning School Resource Officers, from Deputy Austin McGuire (now Sergeant McGuire), to Deputy Alexandra Dalessio. 

Last week, at both the elementary and middle high school buildings, Mountaineers and staff thanked Sergeant McGuire for his service and wished him well in his next venture.

Sergeant McGuire spent last week introducing Deputy Dalessio to the school community and helping with the transition.

During the BES Character Education Assembly Principal Kent and Assistant Principal Cataldo gave Sergeant McGuire a parting gift of a Mountaineer water bottle. The assembly was also an opportunity for the BES Mountaineers and staff to show their appreciation for Sergeant McGuire and be introduced to Deputy Dalessio

BMHS Principal Bernsley asked students to line the hallways for Sergeant McGuire’s last walk of the building.  Mountaineers filled the hallways with gratitude and well wishes for Sergeant McGuire and had welcoming words for Deputy Dalessio.


Please find below a message from Sergeant McGuire, who joined BCSD in August of 2022. Also find below a profile of Deputy Dalessio.




Sergeant McGuire:

Hello Mountaineers!  As you all have heard I have taken a promotion to the rank of Sergeant, and will be moving on from my position as the School Resource Officer at the Berlin Central School District. It was not a decision I took lightly as I have grown to love this district and my role! The school staff, faculty, administrators, school board, and all of the Mountaineers have been great to me, and I am grateful that I had the privilege of being your first SRO. I am going to miss seeing you all every day, but I am leaving you in good hands with Deputy Alexandra Dalessio.  I am sure when you get to know her you will be happy that she is here.  

In my new role as a Sergeant I will be supervising the Deputies on “C-Line,” which is what we call our 4–12/afternoon shift. I will be back working on the road, so we may see each other when I am down this way. I will certainly try to make an effort to stop in and see you all at home games here at school, and will gladly take any other opportunity when I see you to catch up. 

No matter what, do your best and be kind to everyone you meet. Thank you all for everything, and I will see you around!








Deputy Alexandra Dalessio
Berlin Central School District
School Resource Officer


Tell us about yourself. Where are you from? 

I was raised in Averill Park, on Glass Lake until I was 13 years old. My immediate family and I moved to southwest Florida for my high school and college careers. I attended North Port High School and was named the MVP on the Women’s Weightlifting team, making it to the Florida state finals.

I graduated from the State College of Florida with a minor in Criminal Justice Technologies before moving back to New York in 2010. I now reside in Rensselaer County with my 13 year old daughter and boyfriend. 

How long have you been with the Rensselaer County Sheriff’s Department? 

I have been a part of the Rensselaer County Sheriff’s Department for one year. I attended the Zone 5 Regional Law Enforcement Training Academy in Schenectady for six months prior to getting on the road with the Sheriff’s Office.

What did you do before becoming a school resource officer? 

I was the office manager at a dental practice in Glenmont for seven years. Three years prior to that I worked at a pediatric dental office.

Why did you choose to become a school resource officer? 

I chose to become an SRO because I saw it as a great opportunity to build trust and relationships with students and the community through both formal and informal interactions. 

How do you plan to connect to students who are uncertain about having an officer in the building? 

I would first like to hear the student out as to why they are uncertain about my presence, acknowledge their concerns and opinions and continually remind them what my role and mission is as an SRO in the school.  

What are you looking forward to most as the SRO for Berlin Central School District? 

The opportunity to build working relationships with staff, proactively address safety issues, and positively impact the lives of students.

Welcome Deputy Dalessio!