On December 19th, Berlin Middle School Student Council Mountaineers joined the kindergarten classes at BES. The middle school students read aloud to the young Mountaineers, helped students with the activity following the reading, and joined the kindergartners for recess.  It was a great opportunity for our Middle School Student Council members to be positive role models. Going from elementary to middle school is a big change for students. We are hoping by doing activities like this, elementary students will connect with our older students and feel positive about school and, eventually, moving up into the Middle/High School. The Mountaineers at BES can’t wait for another visit from the BMS students. -Mrs. Gilbert BMS Student Council Advisor

Thank you to Mrs. Gilbert, Mr. Dobbins, Mrs. Hannigan, Mrs. Hooks and Mrs. Wilson for making this event possible.

photos BCSD Communications and Mrs. Gilbert