Congratulations to Senior Brady Hills for their 3rd Place WIN in the High School Painting Category for the Olympics of the Visual Arts (OVA) Competition this year! Brady’s piece is a 3 part canvas and polymer clay hybrid surrounding the prompt of “Ancient Relief”. Each canvas is representative of a different civilization/era’s relief: Egyptian relief, one for the Renaissance period, and one for Modern/Contemporary art, through their research about the topic. You can view the work and read their research portfolio here.

Brady Hills – Ancient Relief

While they didn’t walk away with awards, congratulations are also in order for Seniors Sophie Ericson and Gabrielle Bink, who entered their mixed media 3D “Homage to Bridges” piece into the Sculpture category and Josephine Cummings, for her “Epic Battle” Digital Illustrations. These were two very popular categories this year with lots of competition across the State!


Sophie Ericson and Gabrielle Bink – Homage to Bridges

Josephine Cummings – Epic Battle









OVA is an annual K-12 statewide competition in the Visual Arts put on by NYSATA, competing against all of the other schools in NYS. NYSATA annually hosts this creative problem-solving event in which student teams of one or more enter a long-term design solution in one of eight categories and participate in an on-demand design prompt. Teams present a portfolio along with their entry to showcase the research, planning and iterations that led to the final design. This friendly and spirited competition among students across the state is a wonderful way for students to interact with other student artists and together celebrate creativity. We’re looking forward to once again participating in this competition in person next year! Find out more about the OVA competition here