BES Librarian Ms. Mitchell aka the BES Game Master had an excellent turnout for this year’s BES Break out of a Book Night! Please see the full recap from Game Master Mitchell below. Thank you to all who participated and made this now annual event so much fun!

52 Teams and 70 students total

Release the Recipes! K/1:10 teams, 13 students

1st: Taylor Doty and Henley Sorbello (2nd year Taylor has taken 1st Place)

2nd: Dale and Emma Hunt 

3rd: Dylan Manchester

Raffle winners(Snake Cube): Michael Zinna, Jacob Stone, Isaac Wilson, Ava von Schilgen

Save the Snacks! 2/3: 22 teams, 28 students 

1st: Colin Hasbrouck 

2nd: Jocelyn Webster

3rd: Juniper Seifridsberger

 Raffle winners(Snake Cube): Madeline Clark, Lillian Demers, Quinnrose Hastings, Micah Ehntholt 

Get the Gobstopper! 4/5: 20 teams, 29 students

1st: Sophia Zinna

 2nd:  Isaiah Bonesteel (took 3rd by himself last year) and Jacob Bonesteel

3rd: Owen Mendoza

 Raffle winners(Snake Cube): Mason Mcnaughton, Savannah Hammon, Brooklyn Labonte, Peyton Bink

Breakout of a Book Night’s 2nd year was a fantastic evening. I’d like to thank Tracy Kent for co-hosting, Rachel Turetsky for promoting the contest on social media, the PTO for providing the prizes, and student volunteers Alyah Varela, Madison Rontey, and Ben Maxon for lending their voices to the character introductions. Without their help the competition would not be possible. 

This year’s participation rose from 60 students to 70. I never fail to be impressed by BES students and their families, who after a long week of school and work turned up an event that pushes their minds to the max. Their energy and enthusiasm is what makes Breakout of a Book Night such a fantastic event. 

The evening was not without its kerfuffles. There were some technical difficulties and the 4/5 breakout may have had a few too many puzzles. The Game Master relays her apologies! Still, thanks largely to the perseverance of BES students and their adult helpers, it was still a wonderful night! I am greatly looking forward to using the experiences of this year to make next year’s competition even better!

-Game Master Mitchell