El Día de los Muertos

What is Dia de los Muertos (the Day of the Dead)? 

Day of the Dead is a special Mexican celebration. The celebration is the 1st and 2nd of November. In Mexico, many families celebrate the Day of the Dead. The Day of the Dead is a day to honor and remember the deceased. Many families make altars that are called  «ofrendas» (offerings) and visit the cemeteries. There are also other events during the celebration. 

In Señorita Hammond’s Spanish 1B class (2nd year Middle School), students are reading a beginner novel called Tumba by Mira Canion.  The fictional novel combines culture from Day of the Dead intertwined with a ghost story about the Mexican Revolution. This past week students from Spanish 1A & 1B have been creating crafts to help decorate for Day of the Dead. Below is a picture of the students’ work. 


Please ask your student to tell you more info they learned in class.🙂

-Señorita Hammond


Señorita Day’s classroom honored El Día De Los Muertos.