BNL dropped their final two games of the season against Cambridge and Greenwich.  However, there is a lot to be proud of and hopeful for as the team concludes their season.  Pitching, arguably the single most important position in baseball, has seen the most improvement overall, with Kaleb Sweener (B) and Nick Mosher (B) leading BNL in strikeouts with 14 and 12 respectively.  Other players have also stepped onto the mound this season, most of whom have never pitched in a game situation before. These include Landon Jaquish (NL, 7 strikeouts), Jordan Harmon (B, 6 strikeouts), Nick Davis (NL, 5 strikeouts), Taygen Berry (B, 5 strikeouts), and Eben Donohue (NL, 4 strikeouts).

On offense, BNL was led by Kaleb Sweener (B, 6 hits, 1 HR), Aidan VanDyk (B, 4 hits, 1 HR), and Nick Mosher (B, 4 hits).  Leading the team in on-base percentage was Taygen Berry (B, 64% OBP) as well as Jordan Harmon (B, 57% OBP) and Aidan VanDyk (B, 57% OBP).  All players were able to reach base this season, even in limited at bats, which was good to see.

I am proud of these players and what they accomplished this season.  They faced a mountain of adversity, but kept coming back to every practice session ready and willing to take feedback and do what they needed to do to improve. The final game results are misleading as they don’t show the massive level of growth this team has demonstrated over the course of the season.  I can’t wait to see what these players do next.

-Coach Moseley