Congratulations to Berlin’s Modified Masterminds on their last meet of the season! In the first half of the meet, Nathaniel Mace answered two strong questions maintaining a lead over Menands. In the second half, Menands came back strong. On the last question, Xavier Laminca, one of our new 6th grade players, buzzed in for the win!!! 140- 130.
In the second game, Berlin played St. Thomas the Apostle. Although it was a tough game Berlin showed great team work on their lighting round and bonuses. St. Thomas won 205-80. Way to work together Nathaniel Mace, Owen Lowry, Tamaz Devine, Xavier Laminca, Nathan Goodermote, Juliann Maldonado, and Jack Hart.
Stay tuned to for the playoff game dates–they will be scheduled the first or second week of May.
Go Mastermind Mountaineers!!