photo credit Ms. DeCelle (top l-r) Danny Rivera, Connor Sniger, Riley Smith (bottom l-r) Bridget Hermann, Riley Smith, Elsie Corbett, Gavin Bink and Holly Hermann. Missing from photo: Jordanne Brazie, Austin Meyette, Ray Erikson and Ashleigh Smerdon

Congratulations to both the Varsity and Junior Varsity Berlin Masterminds on winning both of their matches Friday, March 5!

The Varsity Masterminds’ Jordanne Brazie, Holly Hermann, Bridget Hermann, Gavin Bink, and Austin Meyette all competed to win against Berne-Knox-Westerlo 355 to 115 and Tamarac 500 to 30! These wins sent Berlin to top of the leaderboard and secured a spot in the playoffs!

The JV Masterminds continued their winning streak by taking their matches against Berne-Knox-Westerlo 255 to 10 and Tamarac 140 to 110. Congratulations to Ray Erikson, Elsie Corbett, Ashleigh Smerdon, Danny Rivera, Connor Sniger and Riley Smith on a job well done and putting Berlin JV at the top of the leaderboard!”

Berlin Middle/High School’s Junior Varsity team is coached by Ms. Jennifer Overocker and the Varsity Masterminds team is coached by Mr. Matthew Christian.

This extracurricular quiz bowl competition is an opportunity for students to represent their school in an interscholastic setting. The quiz questions range in topic from art, biology, chemistry, current events, geography, history, literature, music, political science, pop culture, religion and sports.

This year the meets are online and the Berlin Masterminds are proving that whether in-person or virtually they are a force in their league. This is the first time the Mountaineers have been in the playoffs since 2017!

BCSD is very proud of your accomplishments and we are rooting for you Mountaineer Masterminds!