Mrs. Hannigan’s Class Is Learning About the Zones of Regulations

In Kindergarten Mrs. Hannigan’s class is working hard on the Zones of Regulations. This is a social-emotional program that will be taught in Mrs. Hannigan’s classroom this school year. During this COVID pandemic, Mrs. Hannigan saw the need for her young students to connect with their feelings more than ever.

The Zones of Regulation is an approach that allows students to connect colors to their feelings in order to help them self-regulate and be successful in the classroom.  The color zones are: green – happy, feeling okay; yellow – worried or frustrated; blue – tired, sad or sick; red – mad, yelling or angry. 

There is a bulletin board in Mrs. Hannigan’s classroom labeled, How Are You Feeling? On this board students have different emotions and feelings posted and coordinated with the colors, along with strategies as a reference to use throughout their day.

Mrs. Hannigan used the example of the students missing their families when at school. She explained that this feeling can fall in the “Blue Zone.”  Students were asked to think about the different strategies they could use to help them address their feelings. One strategy was to think good thoughts and take a break to look at a picture of their family in the classroom to help them cope.

“I have already seen such progress by kicking off this year with the Zones of Regulation and its colors,” said Mrs. Hannigan.

As the school year progresses Mrs. Hannigan will work with BES School Counselor Mrs. Steller and make social emotional health a main focus this year for her Kindergarteners.

“We are in the early stages of it, but the kids have been doing amazingly well.”


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