Early Monday morning the food service staff was hard at work again in the Berlin Elementary School kitchen.

Preparation was underway for the second week’s meal deliveries to be distributed by Berlin Central School District’s bus drivers and attendants.

The dedicated food service and transportation staff coordinated the first of two student meal deliveries that will take place on Monday and Wednesday.

Coordination between the bus garage and food service for preparation and delivery of the meals was seamless again.

Special thanks to Patricia Shuhart, transportation dispatcher, who was a critical part in putting together the bus runs and answering calls at the bus garage. These calls addressed questions and concerns from families, drivers and attendants before, during and after the deliveries.

This week’s deliveries also included approximately 100 Chromebooks to third through fifth grade students. Elementary teachers have worked with families to assess the technology needs in each household. Requests are then sent to BES Principal Tracy Kent, Network Administrator Tammy Dunlop, Microcomputer Technician Patricia Weber, and Technology Integration Specialist Andrea Wolff for fulfillment.

This team has been working to meet the demand and make sure students are equipped for remote learning. The District is working hard to meet the technology needs of its students.Demand will be assessed again this week based again on feedback from students and families.

School officials were on hand to help coordinate and oversee the deliveries this week.

The Administrative team: Dr. Stephen Young, Superintendent;  Dr. Cathie Allain, Middle-High School Principal; Mrs. Tracy Kent, Elementary School Principal; Mr. Fred Hutchinson, Director of Curriculum Instruction and Assessment; Mrs. Samantha Brewer, Director of Exceptional Education; Mrs. Karen Capozzi, Business Manager; Mrs. Tammy Whitman, Food Service Manager/Treasurer; and Ms. Jeaneatte Alderman, Transportation Supervisor.

This team also met to discuss measures needed to stay proactive and keep the district ready to meet the extraordinary demands that our community is facing during this time.

Please note that this coming week’s milk delivery has had a disruption, which will be resolved by next week. Meal deliveries will be limited to 1 or 2 milks, which will be temporarily supplemented by juice.

Thank you to everyone who has given their continued support and understanding during this time.