Thanks to the Brunswick and East Chatham Granges, each third grade student at BES now has their very own dictionary.

On November 26, students in 3rd grade at BES had a very special visit. Two members representing the Granges in Brunswick and East Chatham, Mrs. Laurinda Gearing-Assistant Steward and Mrs. Alice Grimsley-Treasurer/Executive Committee member both of the Brunswick Grange, stop by each 3rd grade classroom to deliver a special gift to each student, their very own dictionary.

Mrs. Gearing and Mrs. Grimsley talked with the 3rd grade students about the Grange being a community minded organization that has been around since 1860. Membership in the Grange can start as young as 5 and has no age limit.

The members also talked about the Grange’s community events, family game nights, baking contest and community art projects.

Gearing and Grimsley shared with students about what the Grange is and the various events they coordinate.

The Grange members also shared how they give back to their community in many different ways from sewing blankets for cancer patients, working with legislators on resolutions, to donating dictionaries to 3rd graders.

Berlin, along with the Ichabod Crane and Chatham School district have been on the other end of this generous act for several years.

Another act of kindness to feel gratitude for at BES this month.