Picture day is almost here! Mark your calendars for September 18th! Everyone, including seniors need to take their photograph. Even if you are not planning on ordering copies, these are needed for SchoolTool and the FREE student ID you will be receiving. This year you will be brought down by your teacher according to your grade level. Please check the hallway for flyers with your picture time!

(Report to class, you will be brought down to the gym by your teacher)

Period/Time                  Grade Level

Period 1 (8:05)            11th

Period 2 (8:54)            7th

MMM      (9:34)            12th

Period 3 (10:02)            8th

Period 4 (10:45)            9th

Period 5 L234  (11:28-12:08)    LUNCH FOR PHOTOGRAPHERS

Period 6 L34 (12:11-12:51)        10th

Period 7 L123 (12:54-1:24)        6th

Period 8 (2:10)            Anyone who came in late or missed there times