This year we are establishing a Reading Incentive Program for grades 6-12. Students will be encouraged to read
at least 25 books over the course of the school year starting July 1, 2019, through June 1, 2020. Research has
shown time and time again that the more children read, the better readers (and writers!) they become. This will
help your child to be successful in ALL subject areas.

The Challenge:
Students will read at least 25 books at their reading level throughout the school year (see dates above).
Students can count books that they are reading independently and books on audio.

The Goal:
We want students to become stronger readers as well as see them develop a love for reading.

The Requirements:
● At least half of the books need to be at the student’s reading/grade level.
● Students will need to complete a book response form for each book read.

Read more about the reading program and get the book response form here.