June’s assembly at BES was filled with appreciation, this month’s character trait. Students were asked what apperication meant to them and the different ways they could show it.  Some of the great suggestions volunteered by the students were, showing respect, saying thank you and giving presents, flowers or a card.

PTOSpecial guests Elaine Smith and Amy Ovitt from the BES PTO were invited to the June assembly so students and staff could show their appreciation for all they do to support the community at BES.

This year the PTO went above and beyond with wonderful activities, outings and PTO sponsored field trips. Some of the highlights Principal Kent reflected on were; the donation of  $100 Amazon gift cards for each classroom teacher to spend in their classrooms, the holiday shop, the Halloween dance, roller skating at Guptill’s, bowling in Bennington, appreciation week for the BES staff and BSCD bus drivers, the 5th grade’s Bronx Zoo trip and many more field trips from Pre-K through 5th grade.

The BES community greatly appreciates all the time and effort the PTO has put in as an organization and the support they have given this year.

Fit Run winnersDuring the assembly the 5th grade graduating class put together a heart warming appreciation video that had students recalling who and what they appreciated most during their time at BES.

Mr. Sauer and Mrs. Sausville concluded their track unit by handing out medals and certificates to the fastest boy and girl from each grade level. The awards went to: fifth graders Lilly Meyers and Cameron Van Dyk, fourth graders Elliot Smith, with Noah Bonesteel and Ethan Chestnut tying for the boys, third graders Markell Popov and Clair Schaaphok, second graders Sawyer Goodermote and Mia MacMillen, first graders Nicholas Meyers, with Grace Danish, Olivia Gates and Aela-Rose Anson tying for the girls, and kindergarteners Madison Miner and Daniel Hart.

Monthly awards and Mountaineer merits were handed out at the conclusion of the assembly.

Intramural Sportsmanship Award: Morgan Sharpe


Merit Winners

Mountaineer Merits:
Otis Corbett, Addison Dezess, Mackenzie Garhartt, Nathan Goodermote, Mia MacMillen,
Nolan LaPort, Cody Minkler, Isabella Ray, Kira Reed and Layla Yerdon

MG/MC winners

Mountain Guides:Brennan Berry, Rylee Colantonio, Jadyn Colantonio, Micah Ehntholt, Mackenzie Lowell, Cassius Miller, Nicholas Meyers, Hope Sharpe, Erin Stott, Tyler Webster and Sophia Zinna.
Mountain Climbers:Madison Cadwallader, Ryland Crowley, Nicholas Distano, Sabrenia Maxfield, Lily Pelletier, Christopher Perrotti-Sousis and Christopher Roberts.

Golden Spoon for Excellence in the Cafeteria: Mr. Bourquard & Mrs. V. Healy’s 3rd Grade Class

Golden Whistle for Excellence during Recess: Mrs. Mason’s Kindergarten Class