Cooperation was the character trait of the month.  Mrs. Hannigan created a word cloud with the words or ideas that came to student’s minds when thinking of what cooperation means to them. The cloud contained: teamwork, endurance, working together toward a goal, patience, participation, helping, trustworthy, in sync, perseverance and persistence.

These ideas about cooperation were then applied to PE class, the bus, recess and time in the cafeteria. Students were asked to volunteer ideas on how cooperation can be used in these scenarios. Mrs. Rontey and Mrs. Hannigan made a chart displaying the students ideas from the discussion.

Monthly Awards:

student with awardSportsmanship Award
Nathan Goodermote


students with awardsMountain Climbers
Luna Taylor-Barber, Brendon Clyde, Devlin Maciong-Crimmel, Alexa Jackson, and Mia MacMillen
3-5 Ava Dus, Lillian Jones, Jack Mace and William Snyder

students with awardsMountain Guides
Joselyn Cummings, Elaina Dellio, Easton Montanye, Haleigh Southard

Addison Dezess, Jackson Goodermote, Lillian Hasbrouck, Jack Healy and Seth Hendricks.