Dear Berlin Central District School families and community,

Today, February 27, at dismissal time, a second shooting threat was reported at the Berlin Middle/High School. The student making the threat was located and detained in a secure office until arrival of the New York State Police.  Students were boarding the buses at this time and left the school safely at the time of the incident.  As a precaution, and following our safety procedures, the Berlin Elementary School went into a shelter in place for approximately 20 minutes before being released from that procedure.

In every instance of any threat, we call 911 immediately. Our procedures have been practiced on a routine basis and we will continue this safety and security procedure. Law enforcement officers and the Berlin School District take every threat seriously. NYS Police will continue to investigate this incident and keep us informed.

This threat by the student was overheard by other students and we applaud those individuals for “hearing something and saying something.”   Please continue to encourage your children to come forward if they see or hear something unusual, in school, on the bus, or on any form of social media.

The Berlin Central School District website will continue to post updates on a regular basis.


Dr. Stephen Young