On February 28th, a selection of our Seniors will be taking the NAEP test in English.  NAEP is the National Assessment for Educational Progress. The NAEP assessment determine our nation’s progress in educating our youngsters.  Schools are selected to participate, and compliance is strongly recommended.  Some consider this opportunity an honor, as it helps determine improvements in schools across America, and is used to compare our educational progress against other developed countries.

Please note, it is rare that schools are selected to take these assessments more than once in a series of years, though selection is random and it is possible that Berlin could be selected again in the future.  All students selected for participation received a letter from the school with further information.  These letters were included in the February 2nd mailing of the second quarter Report Cards. Participating Seniors will receive 2 hours of community service credits.  Below are resources for parents to peruse.


If parents have questions, please contact Fred Hutchinson, Director of Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment at fhutchinson@berlincentral.org, or at the Main Office number – 518.658.1500