Berlin MS/HS Interim Reports Will Now Be Available Online

In an effort to reduce costs and improve communications around student academic achievement, Berlin High School and Middle School interim grades will now be available on Schoology.

Teachers currently post individual assignment and assessment grades in Schoology and compute interim and marking period averages which, in the past, have been printed and mailed to parents. These will no longer be printed and mailed, but will be available through the Schoology site. This change, which applies only to interim grade reports, will begin with the Quarter 2 interim reports.  By providing interim grades electronically, the district anticipates an annual savings of nearly $1,000 in postage and printing costs.  The reduction in paper and printing is also a more environmentally friendly option.

The Quarter 2 interim period ends December 15 and interim grades will be available in Schoology on or before December 21.  The Quarter 3 interim period ends March 9, 2018 and grades will be available on it before March 15.  Quarter 4 interim period ends May 18 and grades will be available on or before May 24.

The district will continue to mail marking period report cards. To access Schoology and School Tool visit the Berlin Central School District website at:

Parents who need assistance accessing Schoology should contact Mr. Erik Viner at  An informational presentation provides useful tips on how to use Schoology and can be accessed at:

Parents who are unable to access the online resources and prefer to receive a paper copy of their child’s interim report, must make a request to the main office by calling 518-658-1500.