Teaching & Learning

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Teaching and Learning

  • The BCSD hybrid plan provides adaptability and flexibility depending on variability within state requirements. The hybrid plan allows the ability to address social distancing requirements within each school building and space constraints, including the unique challenges that are associated with classroom design and practice. Additionally, reducing the overall daily student in-person enrollment allows us to provide sufficient space in order to implement the NYS Guidelines regarding social distancing.
  • BCSD will adopt a four day/week Hybrid Model calendar for the 2020-21 School Year. The hybrid (blended) model will include a combination of remote and in-person learning.
  • The Elementary Hybrid Model will run four days per week and will allow for elementary students in grades PK-6 to attend in-person, on-campus learning that fully incorporates the social distancing, as well as health and safety protocols outlined by the NYS Department of Health. Classes will run every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday, with remote learning on Wednesdays.
  • Wednesdays will be remote learning days for all students to allow for systemic flexibility throughout the year, including necessary deep-cleaning and professional development (or professional responsibilities).
  • All staff will report to the building everyday, including Wednesdays.
  • While at the school, morning (BMHS) or afternoon (BES) sessions will include a variation of either Professional Development opportunities, Team Meetings, COVID-19 related Sub-Committee Meetings, or other events that promote best teaching and learning, maximize the schools’ response to changing conditions, and ensures that students receive the supports they need to achieve the best educational results possible.
  • Opposite professional responsibility meetings, Wednesday mornings (BES) or afternoons (BMHS), the model will switch to a variety of remote learning opportunities for students. These opportunities may include 1:1 or small group tutorials, conferencing, group work, remote classes, or individual instructional opportunities as determined by the teaching staff and/or teams of teachers. In this way, BCSD will ensure the ability to provide consistent educational expectations for our students regardless of the changing dynamics surrounding the COVID-19 Pandemic.
  • The committee has developed a collection of instructional models that focus on the Hybrid Model of in-person and remote instruction, which will be shared with appropriate faculty and staff.
  • Platforms for remote instruction have been determined by the District, and will be 2D compliant.
  • The Secondary School Hybrid model will run in two cohorts, where approximately half of the 7-12 students will attend in-person on Monday and Thursday, with the other half of students attending in-person on Tuesday and Friday. These cohorts, referred to as the Green Team and the Gold Team, will attend in-school or remote learning on opposite days with the exception of Wednesdays, which will be remote learning for all students PK-12.
    • For example, the Green Team will attend on-campus learning on Mondays and Thursdays while the Gold Team receives remote instruction on those days. The Gold team will attend on-campus learning on Tuesdays and Fridays while the Green team receives remote instruction on those days. All students will be provided learning experiences remotely on Wednesdays.
    • Individual students will receive their schedules before the first day of school.
  • All teaching models will include a combination of whole-group instruction, small group instruction, independent assignments, and a combination of assessment types.
  • Instruction will be aligned with priority or anchor standards as outlined by NYS guidelines.
  • Referring to the July 16th NYSED Guidance document, instructional experiences are not defined solely as a student’s time spent in front of a teacher or in front of a screen, but any time engaged in meaningful learning experiences under the guidance and direction of a teacher. For example, this may include: time to complete assigned tasks, viewing of an instructional lesson or videos, responding to posts or questions, engaging with classmates in an online (or other) format, time spent reading/researching, and meeting with faculty and staff face-to-face, via an online format or any other appropriate method. All requirements of the units of study (ie, 180 minutes of learning experiences equivalent) will be met for all courses receiving Carnegie credits towards student graduation requirements.

Career and Technical Education

  • The BCSD will continue its relationship with Questar III BOCES regarding our CTE program for Berlin students.
  • BCSD will continue to offer students the opportunity to attend the QIII according to that program’s defined schedule and provide transportation for students accordingly.

Bilingual Education and World Languages

  • BCSD will monitor the number of ELL’S enrolled or entering the schools and communicate in the preferred language and mode of communication to ensure that they have equitable access to critical information about their children’s education.
  • BCSD will provide all ELLs with appropriate instruction, including through use of technology, that supports college, career, and civic readiness, by providing them the required instructional Units of Study in their English as a New Language program based on their most recently measured English language proficiency level.
  • BCSD Registrar and Counseling and Guidance Staff will conduct ELL identification for all students who enrolled during COVID-related school closures in 2019-20, during the summer 2020, and during the first 20 days of the 2020-21 school year and within 30 days of the start of the school year.
  • BSCD will provide professional learning opportunities related to the instruction and support of ELLs to all educators, as required by Part 154 of the Commissioner’s regulations.
  • BCSD will apply to NYSED for any appropriate exemptions to Part 154 if they are available in the 2020-2021 school year.