Social Emotional

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Social-Emotional Well Being

Comprehensive Developmental School Counseling Plan

Berlin CSD currently implements a comprehensive school counseling plan based on the framework of the American School Counselors Association (ASCA). This plan covers services at a multi-tiered level as provided by school counselors and other mental health staff (school social worker, student assistance counselor, school psychologists). Universal (class-wide, building-wide, and district-wide), targeted, and intensive supports within a tiered framework are outlined and implemented through this plan.

The Comprehensive Developmental School Counseling Program Plan is continually addressed through district-level work within student support teams which consist of both counseling and administrative staff. These teams also have regular communication and collaboration with community-based service providers through School-Community Partnership meetings as well as direct consultation between the team and community providers. This will be supplemented and supported in the 2020-2021 school year through continued work of the Social-Emotional Sub-Committee for the COVID-19 School-based Task Force, which also includes teachers and community stakeholders (parents), as-needed.

Social-Emotional Resources for Students, Families, and Staff

Resources regarding mental health, behavioral, and emotional support services and programs will be distributed to families through electronic (school website, email, social media) and/or physical means (physical packets, pamphlets, flyers, etc). School-based mental health staff will continue to provide community resources and referrals to individual families on an as-needed basis to address mental health, emotional, or behavioral needs that cannot be addressed solely through school-based supports.

Social-emotional learning resources will be distributed to teachers and other staff to support incorporating SEL into both in-person and remote learning experiences, with professional development to be provided as-needed to increase knowledge and understanding of programming, implementation, screening, and progress-monitoring. Resources and supports (which can include PD) will also be provided directly to staff to increase knowledge and use of self-care and other coping strategies both in and out of the classroom, and structured opportunities will be provided for both students and staff to spend time with and support one
another regardless of whether learning is in-person or remote.