Food Services

Berlin Elementary School

  • Full Priced Breakfast $2
  • Full Priced Lunch $2.50
  • Reduced Priced Meals $0
  • Milk $.60

Berlin Middle/High School

  • Full Priced Breakfast $2
  • Full Priced Lunch $2.70
  • Reduced Priced Meals $0
  • Milk $.60
Effective Monday, March 11, 2019 we will be adding a sandwich option to the Berlin Elementary Menu (sandwiches will be in limited quantities).
Monday – Bologna
Tuesday – Turkey
Wednesday – Ham
Thursday – PB&J
Friday – Chicken Salad


Due to distributor shipping issues, the following changes need to be made for Berlin Elementary Lunch Menu.

Monday, September 9th – Meatball Sub
Thursday, September 12th – Chicken Nuggets

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If you have difficulty accessing the menus, please contact

Free and Reduced Meals

Children from households that meet federal income guidelines are eligible for free meals or reduced priced meals. Reduced priced meals cost each eligible student $0 for breakfast and $0 for lunch. To apply for free or reduced priced meals, submit a Direct Certification letter from the NYS Office of Temporary and Disability Assistance OR complete a 2019-2020 Application for Free and Reduced Price Meals, sign it, and return it to Tammy Whitman, Treasurer/Food Service Director, Business Office.  Registering for this program is completely confidential.

Meal Payment Options

The District will continue to utilize the Nutrikids Point of Sale System for meal tracking. Parents are offered an on-line convenient, easy and secure online prepayment service to deposit money into your child’s school meal account.  This service also allows parents the ability to view your child’s account balance at any time.  You can also print out your child’s history report.  It will show all the dates and times that your child has purchased anything within the last 30 days.

This service,, allows you to register your child using their school identification number and school zip code.  By adding funds to your child’s account prior to entrance into the cafeteria, it allows the lunch lines to move faster and your child has more time to eat and enjoy their food and socialize with their friends.

Students are allowed to purchase breakfast, lunch and milk on their accounts.  All other items such as snacks must be paid in cash.  If you would like your child to be able to purchase bottled water on their account, please send in a note to be added to their account. For additional information please see Board Policy 5.510 – 08.

Students may also bring in cash  or checks to purchase meals.  If your child attends Berlin Elementary School, their payment should be given directly to their teacher.

Federal Mandates

Schools across the country are required to meet new federal nutritional standards that promote healthy lifestyles and address the rising rate of childhood obesity and increased health complications.  The guidelines set regulations on portion size, but offer a wide variety of milk, fruits, vegetables, proteins and grains.

  • Only fat free or low fat milk will be offered (flavored will be available)
  • Larger servings of fruits and vegetables and more variety
  • Whole grains products must be served
  • Specific portion sizes for grades K-5, 6-8 and 9-12
  • Students MUST select a minimum of 1/2 cup of fruit or vegetable

The food service staff works hard to maintain these guidelines, but still wants to provide a healthy and tasty meal to students.


If you have any questions regarding the Berlin Central School District Food Service Program, please contact Tammy Whitman, Food Service Director, at 518-658-1500, option 8, ext. 1022 or

If you have questions regarding your child’s school lunch account, please contact the cashier at the school your child attends.