PTO Officers

Co-President:  Elaine Smith and Amy Ovitt

Preside at general BES PTO meetings and Executive Board meetings, prepare agendas for official BES PTO meetings, and serve as the official representative of the BES PTO.

Vice President: Shannon Gardell
Assist the President, chair meetings in the absence of both Co-Presidents, manage communications for the BES PTO, including but not limited to BES PTO newsletters, email broadcasts, and web site.

Treasurer: Carrie Minkler
Serve as custodian of the BES PTO’s finances, collect revenue, pay authorized expenses, follow all financial policies of the BES PTO, and hold all financial records.

Recording Secretary: Nicole Radliff
Record and distribute minutes of all Executive Board meetings and all general BES PTO meetings, and hold historical records for the BES PTO.