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Capital Project Update February 16, 2022

BMHS Capital Project July 2021 - February 2022

BES Capital Project July 2021 - February 2022


On December 11, 2019 the residents of the Berlin Central School District approved, by a vote of 115-64, a proposition to authorize up to an additional $7 million for repairs and reconstruction at Berlin Elementary School, Berlin MS/HS, and the transportation and maintenance facilities. This proposition will have NO tax impact on the school taxes.

“The District continues its commitment to improve the instructional spaces, infrastructures, and buildings at a very cost-effective approach for the taxpayers of the District,” said Superintendent Dr. Young.

Berlin BOE Commitment to Students – The Board of Education has worked diligently with school administrators, staff, and architects to identify additional improvements to the buildings not covered in the ongoing capital project. These improvements include several components of common spaces, classrooms, utilities work, enhanced safety equipment, and a minor amount of site work.

Capital Project Summary – Approximately $1.4 million of the proposed project will continue improvements at Berlin Elementary School, $2.75 million will be at the MS/HS, $750,000 will be earmarked for the transportation site, and $400,000 for a renovation to the former bus garage. The former garage will now become the central hub for all maintenance and custodial operations, including the storage of supplies, equipment, and vehicles. Some of the specific upgrades at each location include:


  •         Secure locksets in all classrooms
  •         Security cameras
  •         Security door access controls at all perimeter doors
  •         Replace front walkway, entry, and accessibility
  •         Bus lane and playground safety access improvements
  •         Ceiling and light work
  •         Bleacher replacement
  •         Classroom flooring replacement and abatement
  •         Repair roof leak at cupola


  •         Security cameras
  •         Security door access controls at all perimeter doors
  •         Cafeteria door additions (for lockdown/security)
  •         All lockers to be replaced and associated hall work at MS and HS
  •         1960 and 1974 window replacement
  •         Exterior entrance door and glazing replacement
  •         Exterior repairs to building walls
  •         Renovations to MS classrooms
  •         Additional science room renovations
  •         Main Office, District Office renovations
  •         MS bathrooms renovated
  •         Limited floor replacement (entrance/kitchen)
  •         Gymnasium bleacher replacement
  •         Fuel storage system replacement
  •         Curbing and sidewalk repair
  •         Parking lot pavement (partial)


  •         Addition of wash bay
  •         Exterior concrete bus pad
  •         Grading and gravel work
  •         Power site pedestals for buses
  •         Mobile column lifts
  •         In-ground lift
  •         10,000lb two-post lift


  •         All prior work planned but removed from previous capital project
  •         Recoat existing metal roof
  •         Recoat existing metal wall panels
  •         Remove existing systems and connect sanitary line to new septic system



Learn more about the Capital Project

If community members have additional questions about the Capital Project, they are encouraged to attend the Public Hearing on December 5th at the MS/HS at 7:15 pm.


Voting will take place at the Berlin Elementary School on Wednesday, December 11, 53 School Street, Berlin from 12 p.m. to 9 p.m.

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