Welcome to the Berlin High School Virtual Open House 

Please review this page for the live virtual open house schedule as well as some important resources and pre recorded videos provided by the teachers at BHS.


9th Grade Team

11th & 12th Grade Team

11th & 12th Grade Presentation

11th & 12th Grade Expectations Quick Reference Guide 

Ms. Bauer – SWS English Language Arts 11 & 12 

Mr. Christian – Physics, Marine Biology, Physical Science

Mr. Connolly – Pre-Calc and Consumer Math

Ms. Cornell – Suspense and Humor in Literature

Mr. Cornell -Algebra 2, HVCC, PreCalc/Calc

Mr. Covell – United States History and AP Psychology

Mr. Gould – Participation in Government and Economics

Ms. Lamontagne – English 11 Regents, English 11 Honors, AP English 11/12

Ms. Marbot – The Individual in Society

Mr. Mellor– Regents Chemistry and AP Chemistry

Ms. Hart – Learning Center/Resource Room SWS English Language Arts 11
Ms. Baldwin– Learning Center/
Resource Room Consult for US History and Government/Economics
Ms. Bell Learning Center/Resource Room Structured Study Hall, Resource Room, AA classes
Learning Center/Resource Room Presentation
BMHS Exceptional Education Department Contact List

Ms. DaySpanish 
Pre Recorded Presentation

Ms. WetmoreTechnology, Siena Intro to Computer Science, HVCC CAD, HVCC Digital Electronics, DDP, Materials Processing
Technology Education Brochure

Ms. DeCelle – Photography, Graphic Design and AP: 2-D Design

Ms. ColbertVisual Arts
Ms. Colbert’s  Pre Recorded Presentation
BMHS Art Extracurriculars 2020-2021
BMHS Art Extracurriculars 2020-2021 Flyer

Ms. Eliashuk –  HS Chorus Chamber Choir and Musical Theatre

Ms. Gould – Band
Band Handbook

Ms. Berschwinger, Mr. Weaver and Ms. HonsingerPhysical Education

Ms. Augustine – Student Assistance Counselor