During a morning ceremony on June 25th, fifth grade Mountaineers moved on from the Berlin Elementary School! Thank you to all the family and friends who came out to support the students!  Mrs. Walsh, Mr. Moseley, Ms. Philp, Ms. Hunt, Mrs. Dodge, and Mr. Turetsky, are very proud of the class of 2031’s effort and their achievement this school year.

Berlin Elementary School Principal Mrs. Tracy Kent opened her final moving on ceremony as principal, reflecting on the Mountaineers’ time at the elementary school and wishing the fifth graders a great transition to the Berlin Middle High School. Interim Superintendent Dr. Maureen Long celebrated and supported the Mountaineers during this important milestone.

Berlin Middle High School Principal Mr. David Bernsley addressed the future middle school Mountaineers, with words of encouragement regarding their move to a new building and a new chapter in their education.

Please find an album from this year’s ceremony and the fifth grade award recipients below.




2024 Fifth Grade Awards


Mrs. Walsh- Juniper Seifridsberger

Ms. Philip – Erin Stott

Mr. Turetsky / Mr. Moseley – Alison Deschaine


Mrs. Walsh-  Willamina Woodcock

Ms. Philip- Emma Lowell

Mr. Turetsky / Mr. Moseley – Samuel Bryant


Mrs. Walsh- Jacqueline Morstad

Ms. Philip- Daniel Hart

Mr. Turetsky / Mr. Moseley  – Timothy Etman

Social Studies: 

Mrs. Walsh- Mason Fowler

Ms. Philip- Ralph Southworth

Mr. Turetsky / Mr. Moseley – Tristen MacMillen 

Science: Consistent Effort in Science

Mrs. Walsh –  Brady Goebel

Ms. Philip – Emma Lowell

Mr. Turetsky / Mr. Moseley – Samuel Bryant

Music Achievement: All-County Elementary Chorus

Erin Stott, Jacqueline Morstad, Joceyln Webster

Band Achievement: All-County Elementary Band

Otis Corbett and Emma Lowell

Physical Education Achievement:

Daniel Hart, Jacqueline Morstad, Quinnrose Hastings, Erin Stott, and Charlie Sausville. 

Dyken Pond Scholarships: 

Mrs. Walsh – Devlin Maciong-Crimmel

Ms. Philip- Micah Ehntholt

Mr. Turetsky / Mr. Moseley – Loki Hoffman 

Character Awards:


Mrs. Walsh – Mason Fowler

Ms. Philip – Colin Hasbrouck

Mr. Turetsky / Mr. Moseley  – Damon Swim


Mrs. Walsh – Willamina Woodcock

Ms. Philip- Emmalayne Swanson

Mr. Turetsky / Mr. Moseley – Abigail Darrah


Mrs. Walsh – Asia Jones

Ms. Philip – Christopher LaMountain

Mr. Turetsky / Mr. Moseley – Rebecca June


Mrs. Walsh – Quinn Miller

Ms. Philip- Quinnrose Hastings

Mr. Turetsky / Mr. Moseley – Phoebe Brooks

NYS Comptroller Awards- Thomas P. DiNapoli

Mrs. Walsh – Jacqueline Morstad

Ms. Philip – Erin Stott

Mr. Turetsky / Mr. Moseley – Shayana Peterson

Attorney General’s Triple “C” Awards

Mrs. Walsh – Grayson Votra

Ms. Philip – Charlie Sausville

Mr. Turetsky / Mr. Moseley – Alison Deschaine