The eighth grade team would like to thank Dr. Long, Mr. Bernsley, Ms. Hudson, Ms. Decker, our custodial staff, the parent-teacher association and everyone who helped to make this ceremony a memorable occasion. We could not have done it without you and all of your hard work. 

We would also like to give a special thanks to parents and guardians of our eighth grade students. You devote your time, wisdom, and resources to make our students’ lives more successful. It has been a wonderful year working with these students and we appreciate all of your encouragement and support throughout the school year.  – Berlin Middle School 8th Grade Team

A list of the academic achievements announced at the event can be found below.
Congratulations to the class of 2028 and have a restful, joyous summer. See you as 9th graders in September!!!!


Class of 2028 Awards


Ms. Hammond’s Spanish Awards

90 or higher in Spanish for the year

Blake Arena, Dederick Bolt, Jayden Buck, Rylee Colantonio, Addison Dezess, Riley Foss, Luis Gardell Jr, Mackenzie Garhartt, Eiljah Gorman, Lillian Howard, Ridley Hughes, Grant Kernes, Logan Lenyk, Summer Levin, Lydia Morgan, Markell Popov, CJ Roberts, Alyah Varela, and Tyler Webster

Exceptional Effort in Spanish

Garrett Morgan, Kaylee Higareda, Emmett Smerdon, and Gabby Yerdon

Where Everybody Belongs W.E.B, 6th grade transition program leaders

Dederick Bolt, Rylee Colantonio, Addi Dezzes, Mackenzie Garhartt, Lydia Morgan, Ridley Hughes, CJ Roberts, Emmett Smerdon

Ms. Gatto Math 8

Academic Excellence in Math 8

Summer Levin

Outstanding Effort in Math 8

Braydin Yerdon

Academic Excellence in Accelerated Algebra

Dederick Bolt

Outstanding Effort in Accelerated Algebra

Sophia Neet

Ms. Bauer English Language Arts 

Excellence in ELA

Rylee Colantonio, Riley Foss, Luis Gardell Jr , Mackenzie Garhartt, Summer Levin, Lydia Morgan, and Markell Popov

ELA Teacher’s Assistant Award

Alyah Varela

Outstanding Effort in ELA

Jayden Buck and Garrett Morgan


Mrs. Hayes Science presented by Mrs. Fleming

Academic Excellence in Life Science

Rylee Colantonio

Outstanding Effort in Life Science

Joey Vars, Lillian Howard, Gabriella Yerdon, Kody Quick, Garrett Morgan, Riley Foss, and Kaylee Higareda

 Academic Excellence in Living Environment

Luis Gardell Jr, Lydia Morgan, Riley Hughes, and Markell Popov

Outstanding Effort in Living Environment

Logan Lenyk and Mackenzie Garhartt 


Mr. Covell Social Studies 

Academic Excellence in Social Studies

Luis Gardell Jr., Mackenzie Garhartt, and Markell Popov

Outstanding Effort in Social Studies

Logan Lenyk and Gabriella Yerdon 


Mrs. Bershwinger Physical Education/Health

Outstanding Effort in P.E.

 Luis Gardell Jr, Ridley Hughes, Logan Lenyk, Markell Popov, and Alyah Varela 

Academic Excellence in Health and Outstanding Effort in Health

Dedrick Bolt, Luis Gardell Jr, Ridley Hughes, Logan Lenyk, Summer Levin, and Markell Popov

Ms. DeCelle Visual Arts 

“Rising Artistic Professional Award” – Excellence as a student artist

Dederick Bolt, Jayden Buck, Rylee Colantonio, Riley Foss, Mikhael Florada, McKenzie Garhartt, Logan Lenyk, Lydia Morgan, Sophia Neet, Dudley Sanders, and Alyah Varela 

Ambassadors of the Art Room

Riley Foss, Addison Dezess, Rylee Colantonio, and McKenzie Garhartt


Ms. Eliashuk and Mrs. Gould – Music, Chorus and Band

Participated in the School of Rock musical production 

Alyah Varela, Clara Adrion, Dederick Bolt, Christopher Roberts, Emmett Smerdon, and  Ridley Hughes

RCSMA Music Festivals

Addison Dezess-Junior Band

Mikhael Florada-Junior Band

Markell Popov-Junior Band & Junior Choir

Dederick Bolt-Junior Choir

Clara Adrion-Junior Choir


Alyah Varela-Clarinet & Voice

Markell Popov-Saxophone

Trills & Thrills

Dederick Bolt and Markell Popov



Principal Bernsley’s  Mountaineer Award

The Mountaineer award is presented to a student who exemplifies all that is a Mountaineer, strives to do their very best in the classroom, is healthy in mind and body, and is a kind and supportive friend. Most of all, the mountaineer award goes to a person who shows pride in our school.

Alyah Varela and Luis Gardell Jr  



Class of 2028 

Clara Adrion Mackenzie Garhartt Kody Quick
Blake Arena Aiden Gates Kira Reed
Michael Bennett Elijah Gorman Christopher Roberts
Dederick Bolt Kyle Gryn Dudley Sanders
Madison Bombardier Kaylee Higareda Emma Scraper
Jayden Buck Lillian Howard Emmett Smerdon
Sophia Ciliberti Ridley Hughes William Snyder
Jordan Clark Grant Kernes Alyah Varela
Rylee Colantonio Logan Lenyk Joseph Vars Jr.
Alivia Cornell Summer Levin Tyler Webster
Addison Dezess Kyle Lewis, Jr. Autumn Williamson
Mikhael Florada Garrett Morgan Braydin Yerdon
Riley Foss Lydia Morgan Gabriella Yerdon
Faith Fredricks Sophia Neet Nathan Yerdon
Luis Gardell, Jr. Markell Popov  
Noah Prudhomme-Cornell