During the assembly in April Mountaineers who demonstrated March’s character trait of perseverance, which is defined as never giving up even when something is hard, were recognized with Character Counts Awards. Find the Character Count recipients who were selected by classroom teachers below. 

The character trait for the month of April was motivation, something that makes you want to reach your goals. BES teachers gave examples of what gives them motivation and asked the Mountaineers to reflect on what motivates them, and use that to reach their goals throughout April.

Congratulations Mountaineers!

April Character Counts Recipients 



Congratulations to April’s Character Counts Mountaineers: Addison Bourassa, Roman Erwin, Asher Van Keuren, Penelope Buzerak, Christopher Houghtling, Alfredo Niebel, Kody Baldwin, Noah Forrest, Iris Burnell, Joshua LaMountain, Luke Stott, Savannah Schrump, Lucas Brand, Alaina Chittenden, Emma Neal, Abigail Lowell, Asia Jones, Emma Lowell, Phoebe Brooks, and Restorative Rock Star Mrs. Olson


Merit Winners

Mountaineer Merits are awarded throughout the month for being responsible, safe and respectful. Elementary and Transportation staff award merit tickets to celebrate Mountaineers who demonstrate these traits. The students then deposit their merit into the Mountaineer Merit container found in the main hallway.

Principal Kent and Assistant Principal Cataldo draw ten merit recipients (five from kindergarten to second grade and five from third to fifth grade) each month to receive recognition and a prize at the conclusion of each assembly.


April Merit Winners


Congratulations to the April’s Merit recipients: Owen Buck, Emmalayne Swanson, Aidan Rontey, Jameson Murphy, Hadlee Masterson,  Noah Forrest, Addison Burdick, Mason Clyde, Amelia Planz, and Piper Garcia


April’s Restorative Rock Star

Mrs. Olson has been an amazing addition to our school community. She works really hard to create relationships with others. She is a flexible thinker who is always willing to try something new to help her students be successful. Thank you Mrs. Olson for all that you do!



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