Second Grade Mountaineers Take a Walk to Honor Local Veterans

photos submitted by Mrs. Kneer
BES second grade went on a walking field trip today, November 9th, to celebrate Veterans Day and view the local military banners.  We observed the branches of the military that the soldiers were in, the wars they fought in, the amount of time they served, their uniforms, and much more.
This trip supported what we have been learning in school, but the most important lesson we want our students to learn is that these local community members made a choice to serve our country.  In school we have talked about the sacrifices that they made by being away from their families and living in hard conditions.  All of us in second grade want to say a big “THANK YOU!”  We honor and salute our military!
–  Mrs. Kneer, Mrs. Healy, Mrs. Ruebel, Mrs. Tregger, Mrs. Schumaker and the 2nd Grade Team

First Grade Mountaineers Show Their Appreciation for Veterans

Mountaineers in Ms. Heinrichs and Ms. Ballard’s first grade class had a lesson on the meaning and importance of Veterans Day today.
Ms. Heinrich, Ms. Ballard and Ms. Schnoop all shared what Veterans Day means to them and the family members they honor on Veterans Day and everyday. This led to a class discussion with students asking questions and also sharing who the Veterans are in their families and community.
The first graders then watched a video on the many branches of the Military and the ways in which they are honored on Veterans Day.
The class then made cards to thank and honor the Veterans in their life for their service and sacrifice.