Berlin Central School District’s Administrative Team



“It was great seeing the enthusiasm and engagement of our staff on Opening Day,” said Superintendent Joseph Dhara about Berlin Central School District’s Superintendent Conference Days on September 5th and 6th.

“The laughter, encouragement, and support for each other through the various activities was incredible to witness,”

This school year’s “Opening Days” or Superintendent Conference Days, offered opportunities for the district to come together for two days of team building, goal setting and training in preparation for the school year ahead.

The theme for the 2023–2024 school year is “Engaged Mountaineers.” The BCSD is building upon last year’s theme of “Stronger Together,” with the goal to increase the engagement of its students, staff, families and community members.

Engaging our entire Mountaineer community will lead to success both in and outside of the classrooms, said Mr. Dhara. 

“The continued dedication of our staff to our students and district is truly inspiring and appreciated,” said Mr. Dhara.

It was a spirited and welcoming start to the new school year.

During the opening ceremony administrators and staff celebrated Mountaineer its 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 and 30 year “Hall of Fame Mountaineers” and “Staff Newcomers.”

This year’s honorees for their years of service and celebrated staff are listed below.

Thank you to the BCSD Buildings and Grounds team for preparing the buildings and grounds for Opening Day! You are a stellar team.

Thanks also goes to our Food Service Team, who provided an excellent lunch for the district staff. 





Let’s Go Mountaineers!!!



Hall of Fame

5 Years

Melissa Crane – Custodial Worker

Erin Crimmel – Information Specialist

Layla Davis – Transportation Dispatcher

Amy Buck – Bus Attendant 

Jean Hammond – School Nurse

Michelle MacDonald – Art Teacher

Brianna Murray – School Psychologist

Patrick Soroca – Bus Driver

Harold Stevens – Bus Attendant

Donna Williams – Teaching Assistant



10 Years

DJ Connolly – Math Teacher

Leslie Eliashuk – Music Teacher

Meredith Hammond – Spanish Teacher

Amanda Hayes – Science Teacher

Barb Kellar – Bus Attendant

Ryan Steller – School Counselor


15 Years 

Robert Gould – Social Studies Teacher

Rachel Harrison – School Counselor

Nick Toole – Science Teacher

Dawn Wetmore – Technology Teacher

Daryl Maxon – Building Maintenance Worker 



20 Years

Dan Dobbins – Kindergarten Teacher

Karyn Healy – Second Grade Teacher

Laura Hunt – Teaching Assistant 

Patty Korzec – Math Teacher

Cristi Lamontagne – English Teacher

Michelle Meyer – Senior Typist

Melissa Putterman Hoffman – Social Worker

Jessica Rontey – Third Grade Teacher

Darlene Shorter – Bus Driver



25 Years 

Michelle Baldwin – Special Education Teacher

Kimberly Bugbee – Special Education Teacher


30 Years

Bill Bourquard – Third Grade Teacher


Familiar Faces in New Place and Newcomers



Berlin Elementary

Erik Eckert – Math Interventionist 

Aubrey Mahar – Math Interventionist/Building Substitute

Megan Olson – First Grade Teacher 

Rebecca Schumaker – Special Education Teacher 

Casey Ballard – Special Education Teacher 

Kayla Vasilatos – Teaching Assistant 

Laura Masterson – Building Substitute


Berlin Middle High School

David Bernsley – BMHS Principal 

Faith Gatto – 8th Grade Math Teacher 

Audrey Vanderhoef – 8th Grade Science (Leave of absence) 

Sydney Mello – School Within a School (SWS) 

Keana Heim, Mike Foster – Building Substitutes 

Stephanie Miller-Cruise – Teaching Assistant 

Melissa Cleary – School Counselor 

Sarah Leonard – School Social Worker 

Rebecca Sweet – Special Education Teacher


Transportation Team

Aqquillaa Smith – Bus Driver

Steve Riccardi – Bus Driver

Shaun Theoret – Bus Driver

Beth Dare – Bus Attendant

Benjamin Smith – Bus Attendant

Amanda Monk – Bus Attendant



Buildings and Grounds Team

Chelsea Rathbun – Senior Typist 

Joann Williams – Custodial Worker 

Nicole Bedford – Custodial Worker 



Transportation Pinch Hitters 

Jen Burhans – Substitute Bus Driver

Ed Macey – Substitute Bus Driver

Daryl Maxon – Substitute Bus Driver

Heidi Colin – Substitute Bus Driver

Jackson Burhans – Substitute Bus Driver

Valerie Bell – Substitute Bus Attendant

Lynn June – Substitute Bus Attendant

Billie Joe Brock – Substitute Bus Attendant