Ms. Walsh’s fifth grade science class held their annual ‘egg-stronaut re-entry’ over the last few weeks.  Each fifth-grade classroom used an engineering design process to create, test and analyze a model capsule and parachute that astronauts use when reentering to Earth’s atmosphere.

The students were tasked with creating a capsule big enough to hold an egg. The design goal was to slow the descent and minimize the force of impact, allowing their “eggstronaut” to land safely and without cracking on “re-entry day”.

On “re-entry day”, Mrs. Walsh drops the ‘egg-stronaut’ capsules from her science room window on the second floor of BES. After a countdown and a landing on the “Walsh Lab’s” landing pad students find out if their capsule was successful.

The “re-entry days” were exciting for the fifth graders, with many lessons learned about the engineering and design process.

Great work fifth grade engineers!


Album photos: BCSD Communications and Mr. Turetsky