Berlin High School Math teacher Mr. Ellis had been teaching a unique Applied Mathematics course for a few years at BHS when Siena Math Professor Mr. James Matthews reached out. Professor Matthews was interested in pioneering a dual enrollment course with Mr. Ellis. Matthews and Ellis worked together to create a merged course called Finite Math.
Finite Math covers mathematical topics that can be applied to business and economics. This type of math course focuses on understanding the relevance and importance of mathematics in daily life.
This year ten students are enrolled in the course with several choosing to receive Siena credit.
On Tuesday, May 16, Professor Matthews came to Berlin, one of two schools pioneering the course, for his annual visit.
Mr. Matthews challenged students to work through a Frobenius math problem together which he called the “McMorsal Problem”. The students worked with number theory and sorting algorithms that can be applied in daily business transactions.
The students enjoyed Professor Matthews’ energy and were wowed by his knack for card tricks.
This collaboration between Siena’s Professor Matthews and Berlin High School’s Mr. Ellis has been a success this year and a great opportunity for the Mountaineers.