Super Troopers Photo: Ms. DeCelle

Congratulations to BMHS’ Super Troopers! The Rural Schools Association recently announced their 2022-23 Student Video Contest Winners and the “Super Troopers 2022/23- Empathy” video received 2nd Place! The Super Troopers have been awarded $100 from the Rural Association for their 2nd Place win.
Super Troopers has been a Character Education group at Berlin Central School District since 2011. Started by a scrappy group of students who wanted to spread some positivity around the school. Their ideas of positivity, mixed with some humor has been a hallmark of this group. The mantra of having fun without making fun has led this group to make over 50 different videos on various themes; sorta serious and not so serious.
The group has won regional awards in the past for their work, but nothing statewide. Second among rural schools throughout NY state is quite an accomplishment. We have a great group: Juliann Amuso, Matthew Goebel, Anna Hart, Jacob Maxon, Julia Neet, Elaine Savaria, Riley Smith, and Alana Prespitino. Over time many students get involved on a part time basis, they may not always be the core group, but they are valuable contributors to what we do.
To all of the former Super Troopers who may read this. We as always stand on the shoulders of those who came before. YOU are the trailblazers who have made character count and set goals to help us become who we are. Your good work lifted this group, just like their good work will lift the next group. Thanks! – Super Trooper Advisor Mr. Gould and Mr. Viner
Go Mounatineers!

 “Super Troopers 2022/23- Empathy”