Berlin High School Math teacher Mr. Ellis along with several high school Mountaineers hosted a Family Math night on Thursday, March 16th.
The high school students prepared and presented St. Patrick’s Day themed math games and math problems for families and students to play and solve.
The nine activities were: Leprechaun Jump, Nikki Minkler; Leprechaun Greed, Lillian VonShilligan and Mackenzie Lowell; Buffon’s Needle, Dan Rivera; Birthday Wrapping Problem – Brooke Lockett; Win the Leprechaun’s Gold, Katie Miller; The Tower of Hanoi, Lizzy Hunt; St Patty’s Cookie Act, Curtis Hurd and Owen Lowry; Morse Code, Colin Perkins and Robert Beckelman; Leprechaun Secret, Nate Mace
Corned beef and cabbage as well as other wonderful food prepared by Ms. Day was sold during the event to benefit the class of 2023.
The evening concluded with three staff members and three students being pied by winners of the door raffle drawing in honor of Pi Day which was earlier in the week.
Thank you to Mr. Ellis, Superintendent Dhara, Principal Brownell, Maddison Bell, Anna Hart and Colin Perkins for being great sports and volunteering to be “pied”.
Thanks goes to Mr. Ellis and all those in attendance for making it a special evening and for celebrating the hard work and preparation of the math students involved.
The Berlin Math Department looks forward to building on this event next year!