Berlin’s Fishing Club welcomed guest speakers to their monthly meeting on Thursday, March 16th. With April 1st (the official opening of trout season in NY) quickly approaching, Berlin’s anglers had a focus on targeting trout as well as environmental conservation and habitat recognition and protection. Club members were happy to welcome Frank Dingman – President of the Rensselaer County Conservation Alliance, Bob Davis – President of Rensselaer County’s Chapter of Trout Unlimited, and Audrey Vanderhoef – former Berlin teacher and Vice President of Trout Unlimited. The guests brought a plethora of knowledge to our students, inspired them to take action and help protect the environment, and gave some key tips for targeting trout in our local rivers, creeks, and streams. Club advisors Ms. Marbot and Mr. Scannell would like to thank our guests for sharing their knowledge with students, and for also donating items that can be used during future club activities. The future of fishing is bright, and Berlin anglers hope to be catching more fish soon! – Ms. Marbot
photos submitted by Ms. Marbot