On November 22, the 8th Grade had the opportunity to visit the NYS Museum. Students used what they had been learning in both ELA and Social Studies class to analyze the tenement housing exhibits while receiving an educational guided tour by one of the museum professionals. While one group of students toured the tenement house exhibits, the other group had the opportunity to walk through and visit each exhibit in the museum. Students connected the museum exhibits to real life experiences and to content they have been talking about in their classes. The students really enjoyed learning about the Cohoes Mastodon, Explore NY Interactive Map, and the 9/11 exhibits. The 8th grade team is very happy/proud with the questions, attention, and respect the students showed the staff and exhibits at the museum. We would like to thank all people involved for making this happen! Especially our wonderful bus drivers! – BMS 8th Grade Team

Photos- Ms. Hayes and Mr. Covell