On Friday, September 10, students at the Berlin Elementary and Middle/High School buildings gathered for school assemblies. The Mountaineers came together in smaller groups for a shorter time this year, happy to be in-person again for the monthly school community building activity.

BES Principal Kent, BMHS Principal Brownell and Assistant Principal Paravella took the opportunity during their assemblies to welcome Mountaineers to the 2021-2022 school year and present the students with guiding principles and building expectations.

At BES, being responsible, safe and respectful Mountaineers is important to the foundation of the school community. Principal Kent shared the school Mountaineer Mantra with the students and asked student volunteers in the 5th grade to help lead the students in reciting it together.

Community will be the theme for the Character Education Committee at BES this year. Each month Principal Kent will introduce BES students to a new theme with the help of the committee and student volunteers. The assemblies will also include Mountaineer Merits (details below) and new this year, teachers will nominate a classroom community member each month. This student would be nominated for showing citizenship and being responsible, safe or respectful.

During the BMHS assembly Principal Brownell took a moment to introduce herself and become more familiar with the Mountaineers as she begins her first year at BMHS. The students were then shown a video montage of the past year to reflect on the resilience the Mountaineers as a community have shown since March 2020.

BMHS Assistant Principal Paravella concluded each assembly by discussing important guidelines in the BCSD Code of Conduct as a refresher for the students as they embark on a new school year.

This year Character Education will continue to be an important part of community building at BMHS. There will be more news from the BMHS Character Education committee coming soon.

Thank you to BCSD’s Mountaineers mascot for making a surprise appearance during the youngest Mountaineers’ assemblies.


Go Mountaineers!


Mountaineers Mantra
The Mountaineers are WE!
Berlin students all agree!
We climb, we climb, we climb!
We do it every time!


Video Presented at BMHS Assembly 


BES Monthly Recognitions

Being a Mountaineer means being responsible, safe and respectful. Merits are given out throughout the month by BES staff and bus drivers to celebrate students who demonstrate these traits. These students are given merits that are deposited in the Mountaineer Merit container found in the main hallway.

At the assembly each month Principal Kent draws 10 merit recipients, which includes both in-person and remote students (5 from kindergarten to second grade and 5 from third to fifth grade) who receive a prize.