On the evening of June 23rd, the Fifth Grade Mountaineers were celebrated with a Moving Up Ceremony on the front lawn of BES. Fifth Grade families and friends attended the evening’s ceremony.

The Fifth Grade Team – Ms. Brenda DeMagistris (Social Studies), Mr. Kristopher Moseley (Exceptional Education Co- Teacher), Ms. Adriana Rizzo (English and Language Arts), Mr. Matthew Turetsky (Math), Ms. Christine Walsh (Science), Ms. Katherine Labnon (Music), and Ms. Rhianna Baker (Band) – and BES Principal Ms. Tracy Kent presented awards and offered parting words and well wishes to the Fifth Graders.

Please find the list of award recipients below.

Ms. Baker’s band members performed When You Wish Upon A Star, showing fine musicianship even though they had only a handful of times to practice as a group.

Music teacher Ms. Labnon got creative during covid restrictions and had the whole Fifth Grade class practice on “Boomwhackers” (tuned percussion tubes). They lit up the celebration, playing the theme from Pirates of the Caribbean. The performance brought many smiles to the audience on the BES front lawn.

Special guest, Berlin Middle/High School Assistant Principal Mr. Charles Paravella, welcomed the Fifth Graders to their next chapter, Middle School.

Mr. Paravella shared how much BMS is looking forward to greeting the students at the Middle/High School in the fall. Mr. Paravella, who came to BMHS this school year, shared with the class of 2028 how pleased he was to address the first class he will see through from the sixth to twelfth grades.

Superintendent Mr. Joseph Dhara, Board of Education President Mr. Frank Zwack and Board Members Ms. Katie Snyder and Ms. Rachel Finney were also in attendance for the special evening.

The BES PTO provided the Fifth Grade class with special tee-shirts to mark this momentous year, as an elementary school parting gift.

Congratulations Class of 2028! Go Mountaineers!


Moving Up Ceremony Album

2021 Fifth Grade Awards


Mrs. DeMagistris/ Mr. Moseley – Aryn Hunt

Ms. Rizzo – Luis Gardell Jr.

Mr. Turetsky – Italo Dominguez


Mrs. DeMagistris/ Mr. Moseley – Sophia Ciliberti

Ms. Rizzo- Blake Arena

Mr. Turetsky- Lydia Morgan


Mrs. DeMagistris/ Mr. Moseley – Arianna Thorsey

Ms. Rizzo- Alyah Varela

Mr. Turetsky- Braydin Yerdon

Social Studies: 

Mrs. DeMagistris/ Mr. Moseley – Emmett Smerdon

Ms. Rizzo- Clair Schaaphok

Mr. Turetsky- Sydney Ward

Science: Consistent Effort in Science

Mrs. DeMagistris/ Mr. Moseley:  Addison Mosher

Ms. Rizzo:  Luis (Louie) Gardell, Jr. 

Mr. Turetsky: Dederick Bolt

Music Achievement:

Mary Perkins & Garrett Burdick

Band Achievement:

Arianna Thorsey & Markell Popov

Physical Education:

Mackenzie Garhartt, Clair Schaaphok, Luis Gardell Jr., Markell Popov

Sandra G. Morley Leadership and Excellence Awards in Physical Education:

Mrs. DeMagistris/ Mr. Moseley – Garrett Morgan

Ms. Rizzo – Clair Schaaphok

Mr. Turetsky – Mackenzie Garhartt & Markell Popov

Dyken Pond Scholarships:

Garrett Morgan, Colin Maxon

Character Awards:


Mrs. DeMagistris/ Mr. Moseley – Gabriella Yerdon

Ms. Rizzo – Christopher Roberts

Mr. Turetsky – Mary Perkins



Mrs. DeMagistris/Mr. Moseley- Dudley Sanders

Ms. Rizzo – Nicholas Catricala

Mr. Turetsky – Colin Maxon


Mrs. DeMagistris/Mr. Moseley – Kody Quick

Ms. Rizzo – Michael Bennett

Mr. Turetsky – William Snyder


Mrs. DeMagistris/Mr. Moseley- Garrett Morgan

Ms. Rizzo – Logan Lenyk

Mr. Turetsky – Ridley Hughes

NYS Comptroller Awards- Thomas P. DiNapoli

Mrs. DeMagistris/Mr. Moseley – Sophia Neet

Ms. Rizzo – Jackson Goodermote

Mr. Turetsky – Mackenzie Garhartt

Attorney General’s Triple “C” Awards

Mrs. DeMagistris/Mr. Moseley – Addison DeZess

Ms. Rizzo – Alyah Varela

Mr. Turetsky – Dederick Bolt