On Friday, June 18, fifth graders at BES, participated in a Living Wax Museum Biography Project. Students in Mrs. Demagistris’ fifth grade Social Studies class were responsible for choosing a historical figure or famous person to research. The fifth graders were encouraged to organize their research notes in chronological order and use relevant information based on what the figure is most known for.

For the final project presentation the students became a “wax figure” of the historical figure or famous person they researched. Classmates and teachers then walked around the classroom “museum” pressing the “wax figure’s” buzzers. After pressing the buzzer the student or staff member would listen to and learn from the “wax figure”.  

Remote learners also interacted as a “wax figure” and had “wax figures” present to them over a virtual meeting.

The Wax Museum was very engaging and an excellent opportunity for students to learn from one another.

Great job fifth grade!