Dear Berlin Community,

I am so happy to inform you that the Berlin CSD 2021-2022 budget has passed by a margin of 273-110. The passing of the budget reaffirms our community’s commitment to maintain and enhance the programs we offer to our students, including a new math program at BES, increased professional development for teachers and staff, enhanced mental health and social-emotional support for our students, and increased academic support for students to counter learning loss due to COVID.

The past school year has been challenging in many ways due to the COVID pandemic. Despite the expenditures this incurred, and a forecasted decrease in state aid next year, we were able to deliver a balanced budget well below the allowable tax cap. The District is committed to continuing to meet the needs of our students, teachers and staff in a fiscally responsible manner.

Congratulations to Ms. Katie Snyder and Mr. Trevor Jewett for being elected to the Berlin Board of Education for a 3 year term.

Thank you to all those who participated in this year’s budget vote. We are heartened by your support and dedication to the Berlin Central School District and will continue to strive to provide educational programs of the highest level for our students.

A. Joseph Dhara
Superintendent of Berlin Schools