After discussion with the Berlin Central School District’s COVID Coordinator, Transportation Department and guidance from the Rensselaer County Department of Health, BCSD will be transitioning from a one student per bus seat policy to allowing two students per seat. With new guidance from the CDC and a focus on returning students to some normalcy, BCSD has determined that an update in its seating policy will be beneficial. 

The following safety protocols will remain in place:

  • Parents/guardians must screen their child(ren) for fever/signs of COVID prior to getting on the bus; sick students must be kept home. Students will not be permitted to ride the bus if their screening is incomplete or their temperature is above 100 degrees.
  • Windows and hatches will remain open (weather permitting) to increase fresh air
  • Assigned seating
  • Hand sanitizing 
  • Drivers, attendants, and students are required to wear face coverings while loading, riding, and unloading with the exception of those who cannot wear them for medical reasons. 
  • Buses will be fully disinfected at the end of every day using an approved disinfectant, following all CDC and DOH guidelines, as well as disinfecting high touch areas between A.M. and P.M. runs.


This transition will take place on afternoon bus runs only beginning May 3.  

If you have questions please contact

Thank you all for your ongoing efforts to keep Berlin Central School safe and healthy.