For many families and school district professionals, the months leading up to and through the spring season has long been known as “IEP Season”. During this time, many families report feeling overwhelmed by the annual review / Committee on Special Education (CSE) process and are unsure how best to prepare for an upcoming CSE meeting. Adding to this is the fact that the COVID Pandemic continues to demand that people engage in non-traditional procedures and in non-traditional ways. The following 5 helpful tips shared by Mary Fornabia are great examples of proactive planning and communication. These helpful tips may be applied whether the CSE meeting is virtual or on-site/in-person.

-Sheri Gaylord
Director and Professional Development Specialist
The Capital District School Age Family and Community Engagement (FACE) Center

Please click here to find the full Connections Quarterly with helpful tips
and information shared by Mary Fornabia
and the full letter from Ms. Gaylord.

Feel free to reach out to Ms. Brewer, Director of Exceptional Education, Berlin Central School District at with any questions or concerns you may have.