The annual Senior “Take Over” Day at Berlin Middle High School took place before the holiday break. “Take Over” day is an opportunity for interested seniors to stand in for a teacher and demonstrate to the younger students at BMHS that they are almost ready to enter the workforce, go to college or to serve their country in the military.

Seniors typically choose a teacher whose field they would like to pursue or whom they admire. Seniors and the teachers they are “taking over” sign a contract that they will go into the day prepared and with the utmost professionalism. The day is not taken lightly and is seen as an important senior privilege.

The seniors and teachers then work together to provide a lesson plan that next is submitted to be approved by BMHS Principal Jodi Sullivan. Seniors must then, under their teacher’s supervision, create any necessary assignments, copies and material for the day.

This year provided an extra opportunity for the seniors due to the new normal of teaching virtually as well as in person. The seniors were up to the challenge, and the day was considered a great learning opportunity for all.

Please see the list below of the seniors who participated.  Congratulations seniors on a successful BMHS “take over.”

Monday November 23

Tyler Beaudry – Mr. Slaver

Hailey Beckwith – Ms. Marbot

Gavin Bink – Mr. Covell

Rachel Bortnick – Mr. Covell

Paris Defilippis – Ms. Hayes

Ella Duncan – Ms. Eliashuk

Kianna Flavin – Ms. Hayes

Bridget Hermann – Ms. Gould

Holly Hermann – Ms. Cornell

Codie Lane – Mr. Gould

Michael Loughlin – Mr. Gould

Lauren Meyer – Mr.  Toole

Chloe Meyers – Mr. Mellor

Hope Pelletier – Ms. Marbot

Tuesday November 24

Taylor Bears- Ms. Hart

Chloe Demick – Ms. Eliashuk

Nicole Grover – Ms. Bell

Kylieann Krause – Mr. Weaver

Sierra Pettibone – Ms. Bauer

Nikifor Popov – Mr. Mellor

Anthony Prather – Mr. Connolly

Mia Thompson – Ms. Honsinger

Kendra Roberts – Ms. Gould

Ben Ruebel – Mr. Mellor

Joey Zwack – Mr. Covell