Each month BES Principal Tracy Kent and the school’s Character Education committee choose a mindset theme for the students and staff. November’s mindset at BES was one of gratitude.

“Sharing our thanks for those special people in our lives and taking a moment to let them know is so important,” said Principal Kent during the school-wide assembly on Friday, November 13.

This year’s monthly assemblies are hosted by Principal Kent over Zoom, a platform that allows students to gather virtually, from home if they are remote or while in their classrooms at BES.

The character education committee focused on special members of the BES community who do so much to keep school days running smoothly and safely. The committee interviewed several students from each grade level and a few BES parents, asking why they are grateful for this special group.

“Ms. Kathy and Ms. Jean are healers in our squad,” said fifth-grader Braydin about BES nurses: Ms. Mason-Wagar and Ms. Hammond. “Every squad needs a healer and they are ours.”

“I say thank you for cleaning the desks and keeping this school healthy and safe,” said second-grader Emma when expressing her gratitude for the BES Custodial Staff: Ms. Saunders, Ms. Houle, Ms. Crane, Ms. Jones, Mr. Dawes, Mr. Maxon and Mr. Osterhout.

“Every morning, regardless of the weather when we pull up for drop off we know we are going to be met with smiling eyes and a genuine ‘good morning’ greeting,” said parent Deidre Fowler when expressing her gratitude for the BES morning greeters: Ms. Bushway, Mr. Gallop, Ms. Hunt, Ms. Bailey, Ms. Steller, Ms. R. Baker and Ms. D. Baker.

Ms. Fowler continued: “The efforts of these greeters have made this new part of our routine a happy addition to our day.”

“I am grateful for our technology staff because when we have a problem with our computers, they fix them,” said third-grader Sophia of BES’s Technology Staff: Ms. Wolff, Ms. Weber and Ms. Dunlop.

As the assembly concluded, Principal Kent announced November’s Mountaineer; Climbers, Guides and Merit recipients. Being a Mountaineer means being responsible, safe and respectful.

Mountaineer Merits are given out throughout the month by BES staff and bus drivers to celebrate students who are demonstrating these traits. The students are given merits, which are deposited in the Mountaineer Merit container found in the main hallway. At the assembly each month Principal Kent draws 10 merit recipients, which include both in-person and remote students (5 from kindergarten-second grade and 5 from third to fifth grades) who then receive a prize.

Mountain Guides and Mountain Climbers are chosen by the teachers each month. Mountain Guide awards go to students who consistently follow the expectations at school and serve as role models for others. A Mountain Climber award goes to students who are working really hard and showing improvement to meet the behavior expectations.

Congratulations to November’s award recipients.

Mountaineer Merits 

Dale Hunt, Abigail Lowell, Jase Matthews, Damon Swim, Alania DeClair, Brennan Berry, Italo Dominguez, Garrett Morgan and Arianna Thorsey

Mountain Guides

Theodore Reed, Averi Theoret, Lianna Bolt, Aidan Kelly, Gavin Church, Charlie Sausville, Trent Hastings, Alicia Kiablick, Joselyn Cummings, Brennan Berry, Gabriella Yerdon, Christopher Roberts and Mackenzie Garhartt

Mountain Climbers

Annabella Grover-Garner, Colin Hasbrouck, Tristen MacMillen, Kyle Sweener, Ethan Stata