Mountaineers Mantra
The Mountaineers are WE!
Berlin students all agree!
We climb, we climb, we climb!
We do it every time!

The Mountaineers Mantra is recited at the start of each monthly Berlin Elementary School assembly. Principal Kent and the Character Education Committee host these assemblies, which are attended by all kindergarten through 5th grade students and staff.

This year due to necessary safety measures and the importance of maintaining one school with both remote and in person learners, Principal Kent has taken a new virtual approach.

This school year’s Character Education assemblies are attended by all students, both in person and remote, with all students logging into a school-wide virtual assembly, hosted by Principal Kent. This gives the students a shared experience and a feeling of unity.

The assemblies are an opportunity for students and staff to come together, learn and talk about the character traits that will help them succeed socially and emotionally.

Each assembly a new character trait for the month is introduced by the Character Education Committee. This trait is discussed and presented through innovative skits, music, writings, artwork and/or scenarios put together by BES students and staff.

Principal Kent also announces the month’s character trait in the school’s monthly newsletter to give an opportunity for the trait to be discussed and applied at home.

The month of October’s character trait was resilience. The BES second grade gave a presentation on what resilience is and how we can all be resilient.

Mrs. Nichols and Ms. Bianchi’s second graders started off the presentation by defining resilience as a trait that helps you cope when going through hard times and sometimes come back even stronger. The students then shared a song about bouncing back in hard times.

Then Mrs. Healy’s remote second graders shared stories about how they are resilient through the challenges they face during remote learning. One challenge we all can relate to was the recent power outage due to the storm.

Mrs. Healy’s students found wonderful and innovative ways to bounce back, move forward and keep up their excellent work, showing how resilient they are.

Mrs. Ruebel’s second graders concluded the presentation by talking about activities they were participating in to show resilience. They also offered tips to their peers on how to be resilient.

At the conclusion of the assemblies Principal Kent announces the monthly Merit recipients, Mountain Guides and Mountain Climbers. As the mantra says, being a Mountaineer means being responsible, safe and respectful.

Merits are awarded throughout the month by BES staff and bus drivers to celebrate a student who is demonstrating these traits. The students are given merits that are deposited in the Mountaineer Merit container found in the main hallway.

At the assembly each month Principal Kent draws 10 merit recipients, who include both in-person and remote students (5 from kindergarten to 2nd grade and 5 from 3rd to 5th grade), who receive a prize from Principal Kent.

Mountain Guides and Mountain Climbers are chosen by the teachers each month. A Mountain Guide is awarded to students who consistently follow the expectations at school. A Mountain Climber is awarded to students who are working really hard and showing improvement to meet the behavior expectations.

October’s merits have been awarded and, starting in November, the mountain guides and climbers will be awarded as well.

October Merit Winners grades K-2: Luke Stott, Derrious McCoy, Julia Turetsky, Laelah Stone and Gavin Church

October Merit Winners grades 3 to 5: Maya Sykes-Gundlach, Dannie Young, Kyle Sweener, Serenity Bond and Kaylin Mattison

Check the BCSD website and Facebook page for monthly assembly information and award recipients.