Berlin CSD and Elementary School principal Tracy Kent are excited to welcome Mr. Dan Dobbins, Ms. Adriana Rizzo and Mrs. Laura Witbeck into their new position at the BES. 

Mr. Dobbins Kindergarten

Mr. Dobbins will be joining the BES Kindergarten Team this year. Mr. Dobbins is a long time teacher at BES and has been teaching first grade here for 16 years. His teaching expertise and enthusiasm will be a wonderful addition to kindergarten.

Learn more about Mr. Dobbins in his own words.

In taking on my new position teaching kindergarten, I am looking forward to collaborating with the Kindergarten Team. I also look forward to teaching reading skills at the kindergarten level. 

Outside of the classroom I enjoy live concerts and performances, camping and reading. 

Congratulations on your new position Mr. Dobbins!


Mrs. Witbeck First Grade

Mrs. Witbeck will be joining the Berlin Elementary 1st grade team. Mrs. Witbeck has been teaching 5th grade for the last nine years at BES and is looking forward to her new position. 

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I can’t wait to get started on this new adventure as a first grade teacher at BES!  I am so excited for the opportunity to teach and learn alongside first grade students every day. I have always thought of first grade as a magical year.  I love the curiosity, enthusiasm, fun, and excitement that comes with this age. Students grow tremendously as readers, writers, and little problem solvers. What a gift to be a part of their success! I also can not wait to read many of my favorite picture books again!

Outside of school I love spending time with my husband of 8 years and our two young children.  We enjoy all things outdoors – Playing in our backyard, taking walks, gardening, riding bikes, hiking, and/or camping. We hiked a few Adirondack mountains this summer, which was no easy feat with two toddlers in tow! A few of my favorite things include catching up with friends, an early morning run, coffee (lots of coffee!), and a little peace and quiet to read a good book! 

Congratulations on your new position Mrs. Witbeck!


Ms. Rizzo 5th grade English and Language Arts

Ms. Rizzo will be joining the Berlin Elementary 5th grade team. Ms. Rizzo is a familiar face in the district having been the RTI Math Specialist at BES for the last five years and the assistant varsity girls swimming and soccer coach for the last two.  Ms. Rizzo will be moving to 5th grade this fall to become the English and Language Arts (ELA) teacher. She is also a graduate of BCSD and the district is proud to have her inspiring Mountaineers in its 5th grade classroom.

Learn more about Ms. Rizzo in her own words.

While I loved my position as the RTI Math teacher, I am extremely excited for this change! I am most looking forward to working with my new students. I am also excited to be able to work more with reading and writing. Outside of school, I love being outdoors. I enjoy kayaking, skiing, and hiking. I have been spending most of my time recently taking care of my new puppy! He is a handful, but luckily he is very cute!

Congratulations on your new position Ms. Rizzo!