Last week, Berlin High School science students connected with NASA Geologist Dr. Ryan Ziegler to discuss several intriguing topics.

On June 11, about 35 students from Mr. Toole, Mr. Mellor, and Mr. Christian’s classes, as well as some of the Middle-High school staff and administrators, attended Dr. Ziegler’s presentation via a virtual class meeting.

Social Studies teacher Mr. Gould made this wonderful opportunity possible through his longtime friendship with Dr. Ziegler, who attended high school and college with him.

Dr. Zeigler is NASA’s Apollo Sample Curator and the Manager of Astromaterials Acquisition and the Curation Office of the Astromaterials Research and Exploration Science (ARES) Division. He is based at the Johnson Space Center in Houston.

Dr. Zeigler covered a variety of topics pertaining to the Apollo missions, and he also discussed how space exploration science works, how his lab operates and their main purpose within NASA operations.

Students had the opportunity to ask questions, as did the staff, and Dr. Zeigler was an excellent primary source to give the answer.

Dr. Zeigler hopes to join in another discussion with the students at Berlin High School in the future.

This opportunity proved to be another excellent use of remote learning tools by the BCSD staff and students.