Please find the names of all hands on deck today below.

Thank you to our wonderful BCSD Food Service Staff, Bus Drivers and Attendants who made the first meal deliveries to the students in our district today.

The coordination between Tammy Whitman, Food Service Director, Jeaneatte Alderman, Transportation Supervisor and Karen Capozzi, Business Manager made for a well-organized morning of preparation, loading and deliveries.

“The food service staff has really sprang into action when charting this new territory,” said Tammy Whitman.

The same sentiment goes for the excellent transportation staff who will be the familiar faces making the deliveries and making sure all student meals are accounted for.

“They are all really thinking on their feet and it is just fantastic,” said Whitman.

If you would like to opt in for the student meal delivery program please notify Tammy Whitman via email at or by phone (518) 658-1500, option 8, ext. 1022 before 6 am Mondays (lunch for Monday and Tuesday and breakfast for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday) or 6 am Wednesdays (lunch for Wednesday, Thursday and Friday and breakfast for Thursday and Friday).

For any questions or concerns about delivery times please contact Jeaneatte Alderman at or by phone (518)-658-2812. Please note these times, which will start at 10 am on Mondays and Wednesdays, will be similar to those of student dismissal with a route that starts drop-offs closest to the school first.

Thank you Food Service and Transportation Staff!

Food Service: Nancy Bowman, Cook, Sam Macey, Food Service Worker, Nicole Bedford, Food Service Worker, Beth Oakes, Food Service Worker, Alisha Garhartt, Food Service Worker, Jacqui Wilkins, Food Service Worker, Heidi Colin, Cook Manager

Transportation: Route 50 – Sally Southard and Jacqui Wilkins, Route 51 – Debby Maxon and Caren Alderman, Route 52 – Harold Stevens and Tammy Osterhout, Route 53 – Charmel Bergdoll and Lisa Macey, Route 54 – Sharon Puera and Ginger Matson, Route 93 – Rick Soroka and Amy Buck, Route 94 – Mark Primeau and Laura Hunt, Route 95 – Kenny Masterson and Deb Connally, Route 98 – Cindi Krumenacker and Barb Kellar, Route 100 – Darlene Shorter and Johnna Thompson, Route 105 – Shaunna Saunders and Jen Bushway, Route 106 – Delia Galleria and Lynn Dunteman