From the Counseling and Clinical Staff (School Counselors, Social Worker, School Psychologists): 

In light of recent events and the cancellation of classes, we wanted to ensure our students and our families can continue to access our staff in the counseling office, pupil personnel services office, the social worker and the student assistance counselor. We will be available to all students and families via Schoology, as well as our phone extensions at the school and email (listed below).

 If you leave us a message and would like to speak with us via phone, we ask that you reach out via Schoology, email or phone at school. We will return your call, during regular school hours, to help address your concerns. If you receive a phone call from a “No Caller ID” during school hours, it could be either one of the counseling or clinical staff, or a member of the teaching staff reaching out. 

If a concern or question comes up, please do not hesitate to reach out to one of us. The counseling staff is happy to help and assist families in any way they can during this time. Additionally, we as a support team plan to periodically reach out to students and check in with them during this period of time. 

Please see below for a contact list of Berlin MS/HS support staff:

Melissa Putterman Hoffmann – Social Worker: 518-658-1500 extension 2116 

Brianna Murray – School Psychologist: 518-658-1500 extension 1154

Jill Augustine – Student Assistance Counselor: 518-658-1500 extension 2117 

Rachel Harrison – School Counselor, 504 Case Manager, A-I: 518-658-1500 extension 1072 

Caroline Testa – School Counselor, 504 Case Manager, J-Z: 518-658-1500 extension 1073 

Berlin Elementary support staff

Rachel Teplistky – School Psychologist: 518-658-1500 extension 3113 

Ryan Steller – School Counselor: 518-658-1500 extension 3116